TV Monitoring

Complete and accurate information on what your audience sees on TV
Automatic monitoring of the targeted TV events is carried out 24/7 in 160 cities and on 1000 channels using the unique TAPe technology of instant image recognition and accurate identification of the broadcast clips. Use monitoring data to control the quality of your own TV campaigns and adjust your media strategy taking into account the marketing activities of your competitors.

Control your own TV ads
Track competitors' ads
Complete statistics and detailed reports on all ads


Digital sync with selected TV events
AdSwitcher automatically launches Google and VK ad campaigns and sends notifications to start digital activities on your website at the time when a certain video is broadcast to the target audience. With AdSwitcher, you can use simultaneous communication to significantly increase the effectiveness of your own advertising and convert TV campaigns of competitors, suppliers or the whole industry into your own Internet traffic.
Capture the attention on TV viewers
Use TV effect to create maximum impact on the audience
Convert someone else's TV ads into your own traffic and online sales
Comprehensive solution for TV channels
Comparison allows you to track the absence or distortion in the TV signal and the integrity of the transmitted content, at any point in the delivery and distribution of television content 24/7.
Absence of the signal

Blue screen

Signal levels

Content mismatch
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